Top 6 Long-Distance Moving Tips

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Long-distance moves aren’t like local moves. They’re more complex, more involved, more time consuming and more expensive. Because there’s a lot of planning and attention to detail associated with long-distance moves, it’s critical to plan your move well ahead of time. Part of that is hiring the right movers to assist in a relocation of this magnitude.

Here are six long-distance moving tips to follow.

1.  Come Up With an Inventory

It’s helpful for your moving company to know how much stuff you have. The only way they can know for sure is for you to create a list of everything that needs to be moved. Many movers will also visit your home to see for themselves what the job will entail. This enables them to provide a more accurate price quote.

The inventory list you create has another bonus: it helps you stay organized as you progress through packing. You don’t want to lose track of your belongings along the way, so be sure to check each box at both the origin and the destination.

2.  Purge Extra Items

A long-distance move isn’t cheap, and many factors determine the price you will end up paying. Mileage and amount of belongings are the top two factors. So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the less you have to move, the less your cost will be. Take this opportunity to purge unnecessary items before you pack up stuff you don’t really need.

3.  Try Your Hand at Organized Packing

Packing the right way saves time and energy, particularly when faced with long-distance moves. Create a “Day One” box, and that box should include all essential items you will need that first day/night. These include cleaning supplies, change of clothes, medications, toiletries, plastic utensils, and paper plates. When packing each box, label them in detail. You can even color code them by room.

4.  Find Child Care

Moving day is stressful on everyone involved, including kids. This day can get pretty chaotic, and small kids and pets running around can add to the chaos. Secure child and pet care for moving day so you can concentrate on the task at hand.

5.  Understand the “Delivery Window”

The sheer logistics involved in a long-distance move can make it tough for your moving company to give you a precise delivery date. Instead, you will probably get a general delivery window of arrival. Read the wording of the contract in detail, as some companies have delivery windows of more than 20 days! Bring enough basics with you to carry you over in the event this happens.

6.  Know the Move-In Rules

If you are making a move to an apartment or condo, the building may have requirements in place for movers to follow. For instance, you may have to make a reservation for the elevators or for parking spots at the entrance. Some building owners don’t allow moves to occur at certain times or on certain days. Always clear your move-in date with the HOA or property manager beforehand.

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